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Discover the Glatt playground

Discover the Glatt playground

6.06. – 11.07.2023

Mühle, chess, or hopscotch - now available in XXL format at Glatt.

On our Glatt playground, you can discover a lot until mid-July. Chess, Mühle, and the popular hopscotch game Heaven and Hell are available in XXL format. If you don’t (anymore) know the rules, you can find them directly on the instructions next to the playing areas. You can also get these games for home at Franz Carl Weber and Migros.

Really cool: The Gummitwist zone. There’s plenty of space here to play the popular classic on-site with friends or family. You can pick up the matching Glatt Gummitwists for free at our Glatt Information.

If you want to participate in the CHF 10,000 giveaway, please change the language settings of the page to German.